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We are always looking for new and creative t-shirt designs. We have searched the internet for sites offering prizes for your t-shirt ideas. To our amazement we only found a couple sites that actually offered ANYTHING. How does 3 free t-shirts for your idea sound?

We have decided to change the rules a bit and give something more deserving to all you creative people out there. If we decide to use one of your T-Shirt designs we'll give you 3 free shirts! That's right... 3 shirts to sit on your ass and come up with a crazy t-shirt idea (submit as many ideas as you want).

There's nothing like the feeling that comes with knowing that one of your ideas actually has made it to a T-Shirt on Play Like Your Couch is on Fire .com, a great achievement! If you have an ORIGINAL, saying, concept or idea that is crazy or funny enough for us and want free stuff submit it today!

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Email Us Photos

> We like crazy, funny, sexy, unique, idiotic. Utilize those and you got a chance.

> The shirt/couch can be with you, with your dog, with your mamma or virtually anywhere. Action/stunt photos are cool as well.

> Basically, anything goes. You are responsible for yourself, fool!

> By submitting you agree that Play Like Your Couch is on Fire .com can use your pic on our site, for promotion and in any other way we desire.

> You agree to study less and drink more.

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